Now Available: Internal Application Tracking Software

Hire more efficiently with the built-in ATS. Here you can manage, sort, and review applications all on the platform. Candidates can apply faster to your jobs and you can directly contact them.

What is an Application Tracking Software?

An Application Tracking Software (ATS) is a system that helps employers with the recruitment process. It manages everything from advertising the job to applicant tracking. 

Typically, an ATS is used by large companies to manage their recruitment process and find the best candidates for their job openings. However, we at Dynamite Jobs believe that bootstrappers should also have access to this tool. That is why this new feature is available to everyone who wants to add more efficiency to their hiring process.

Why use the internal ATS?

Applications and the hiring process can be managed however you’d like, be it a Google Form, email submission, or an external, paid SaaS tool. These different methods all come with various pros, cons, and costs. 

This internal ATS was built with these goals in mind:

  • Save companies’ time
  • Eliminate extra hiring costs
  • Add efficiency to the hiring process
  • Allow candidates to apply faster to jobs

These are some of the benefits a company will see when using the ATS:

  • Increased applications because candidates can apply faster with information already filled out in their Dynamite Jobs profile.
  • Score and review candidates faster with the application interface.
  • Automatically group candidates by your interest, keeping the best fits up top and the unqualified candidates below.
  • Message candidates directly from the application interface

Getting Started with the ATS

Step 1: How to Set Up the ATS with Your Job Post:

To use this feature, start by creating a job post. Find all the fields necessary for your job ad in the section “Finish your job post.”

Once your post is completed, click on Set Application Questions > and then customize your form. 

In the customizable form, you’ll find default questions to help you get the basic information from an application. You can add more questions to customize the form or edit the current questions presented.

Once the form is edited, click on Create My form > Publish your job by clicking on Submit.

After purchasing the job post, your job will go live with the form that will gather the applications within the ATS.

Step 2: How to Review and Categorize Applications:

With your job ad live and receiving applications, it’s time to start reviewing candidates.

Get started by going to your side menu > click on Manage Jobs > Select the job ad you want to check candidates from > click on the Applications tab.

To find a talent’s applications: go to the candidate name or press See Application - every application will have a resume preview, answers to the questions added in the form, a Dynamite Jobs profile, and a LinkedIn profile (if available).

Next, you will find a section at the left of the window to insert notes, set a status, and contact the candidate. Here, you’d be able to save details or highlights from the candidate, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions about their experience or anything that might be unclear from their application.

Once you've reviewed a candidate, click Next and the following application will come up.

Step 3: Share Your Job Post and the Application Form:

Whether you’re posting your job ad in multiple places, or you want to share the application form with your audience, accessing the links of your job will come in handy.

Job description link: Select the Job Editor tab > Job link. This link is public and available to be shared.

Application form Link: Open the form by clicking on the Application Form button located within your job description. Find at the top of the form the link ready to be shared across the web. 

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