How to add your offers

Offers is an exclusive feature available only for Candidate Pro accounts.

  1. In your profile, go to Offer’s section and select + Create an Offer.
  2. In the window that popped out, add all the details about your offer. We suggest that you start by answering the question: “What project or service can you offer via Dynamite Jobs?”. (this answer will be your Offer Pitch)
    Make sure that your answer is short but clear enough to say what your offer is about.
  3. When your Offer Pitch is ready, start describing all the details of the offer/project. You have a space of 2000 characters to mention all the steps you will go through when someone hires you to work on the offer. 
    Note: Make sure the information is organized and clear. Use dash/bullet points to describe steps, and avoid writing endless paragraphs that are tedious to read.
  4. When the details of your offer are ready, add the skills you’ll use to deliver the service. Only the skills that you added to your work experience will appear in the dropdown. 
  5. In Scope, select if the project is a one-time gig with a fixed price or, is a service that fits better being paid per hour. 
  6. Add the price of your offer per project or hour.
    Please Remember: Offer Pitch, Offer details, Skills, Scope, and Price are mandatory fields. 
  7. Offer is live” toggle is activated as default, but if you want to keep elaborating on your offer later on, disable this option to hide your offer from other users.
  8. Click on Save. 

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