Best practices for adding skills

When you are adding your skills keep in mind: 

  • Always check first the suggestions from the dropdown options, this will let you know about skills that have been previously added, and will save you time by selecting them.
  • Avoid using articles like “the”, “and”, “or”, etc., or descriptor words that try to enhance your skill like “Excellent”, “Efficient”, “effective”, “Expert”, etc. These words not only are unnecessary (because we have dedicated space for you to give details about your expertise and achievements), but they reduce your chances of being found by companies. Keep your skills short and simple! if your skill has more than +3 words, please review it and check if you can break it down. 
  • Unless you are a language teacher, avoid adding languages as skills, we have a space dedicated exclusively for you to add the tongue(s) you speak.
  • Be honest about your expertise when categorizing your skills, this will allow you to find the right opportunities. 
  • Always, double-check grammar and spelling, a word not well written can affect your exposure to hiring companies. 
  • If using acronyms, always explain in the space dedicated to describing your skills, what the initials stand for, don’t assume that others already know the meaning of the skill you are adding
  • Add the software you use, hiring companies sometimes are searching for people with experience using specific software, so don’t be shy and share this information in the skills section
  • And the most important recommendation, make sure your skills are shown in every work experience like this: 

    If you add your skills in the About Me section, or the Work experience summary exclusively, hiring managers won't be able to find your profile. So make sure your skills are categorized, well spelled, and shown in the skills summary. 

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