How to edit your skills

Follow these instructions to edit your skills: 

  1. In your profile, go to the work experience where the skill (or skills) you want to modify are
  2. Click on the three dots located at the right side of your work experience (where the skill that you want to modify it) and select Edit Experience
  3. When the Work Experience window editor is open, open the skill you want to edit and add/modify the Skill Level and the Skill Experience Description
  4. Once you edit the skill, click on OK. After this action, the details about the skill will hide. 
  5. If you need to modify more skills, follow again steps 2 and 3. 
  6. Once you have edited all the skills you wanted to modify, click on Save to make the changes effective. 

NOTE: If your skill is in multiple Work Experiences, and you want to modify the details in all of them, go to every experience and edit the details by following the steps described above. 

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