How to add your skills

’Skills’ are the abilities you’ve developed throughout your work experience. They are extremely important as they make up the core of our platform. ‘Skills’ are the main feature that hiring managers are searching for and how profiles are being found. 

Here’s how to add your skills: 

  1. Create your ‘Work Experience’. More details on how to create your work experience here
  2. Click on +Add Skill, software, or tool, and start adding one by one your abilities

  3. Check the options suggested in the dropdown, and select the skill that matches what you would like to add. If the skill is not in the dropdown, feel free to create it 
  4. Review spelling and grammar, if the skills are not well written, you won’t be found by hiring managers and business owners
  5. Select one of the three levels of expertise: 
    • Competent
    • Advanced
    • Expert
  6. Describe in no more than 400 characters how you used the skill selected, make sure you share relevant information that can be easily understood by third parties

  7. When finished, click on “Ok” and keep adding more skills by clicking again on +Add Skills, Software or tool
  8. Complete the rest of the fields related to Work Experience
  9. Click on Save. 

NOTE: We know that this process can be time-consuming, but it is one of the most important parts of your profile. This is your opportunity to share your areas of expertise and the impact of your work. Hiring companies want to know how you used these skills so they can understand how you’ll be able to help them.

To edit your skills, check this information out.
To delete your skills, follow these instructions.

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