Adding your portfolio and relevant links to your profile

This section has been created to allow you to add your portfolio, social media networks, and other relevant information you want to share with hiring companies.

You can add up to 9 links to your profile, so take advantage of this space and share your work with others. 

To add a Profile Link:

  1. Click on +Add Link
  2. Select from the dropdown, the type of link you are going to add
    NOTE: If the link is from Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you don’t need to add a whole URL, make sure you only add the Username. Example: URL = (already added as default) , Username = dynamitejobs (added by you)
  3. Once you’ve selected the type of link, add the Username or URL in the space dedicated to this
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on the link you just added to your profile, and make sure it is working properly

When you are adding a link to your social media, portfolio, or website, make sure that the information is public, don’t share links that contain private or hidden information. 

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