Education & Training

In this section, you can add all your degrees, courses, seminars, and relevant education that has been shaping you as a professional. 

Keep handy the dates and a summary of what your education is about.

To add information in this section:

  1. Click on + Add Education
  2. Fill out Field of Study, and School
  3. In Achieved Education Or Certificate Summary, explain in no more than 260 characters the purpose of the education or training. Feel free to add relevant information about what you learned or any project you performed.
  4. If you are still enrolled in an educational institution, feel free to select “This is my current education” 
  5. Add the dates when you started and finished (if applicable) the course or degree. 
  6. Click on Save

To edit your education, replace the first step with this instruction:

  • Select “Edit Education” by clicking on the three dots located on the right side of the education you want to modify.

After opening the education you want to edit, follow the rest of the steps, and save the changes. 

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