How to add your work experience

This section is your opportunity to show how your previous work makes you a qualified professional. Hiring companies will be reading this to see what kind of impact you previously had and whether or not you’ll be able to help them with their job openings. 

When adding your previous and current jobs, please add the following information:

  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Industry the company is involved
  • The most relevant skills that you developed in a work experience
  • Date started and date ended. 

When completing your work experience, make sure you add a summary of your biggest responsibility or achievements. You have a space of 300 characters to do so. 

NOTE: Avoid copying and pasting information from your resume or another source. Taking the time to type your experience will allow you to select your biggest accomplishments, instead of showing a list of random tasks you were doing on a daily basis. 

To add your work experience, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Work Experience Section and click on + Add Work Experience
  2. Add your Job Title, Company, and Industry. These fields are mandatory in order to save your experience.
    NOTE: Check the options shown in the dropdown before adding these data, this will help you avoid misspelled words, and will allow us to group you based on the information you’ve added. 

  3. Add your top Skills, here’s where you can learn more about how to make your skills stand out
  4. Add the dates when you started and ended a work experience. 
    NOTE: If you are adding your current work experience, make sure to activate the option "This is my current position". 
    In case you were working remotely, activate  the "This is (was) a remote work position" option
  5. Add a Work Experience Summary in no more than 300 characters

  6. Click on Save


  • You can add up to 7 skills in each work experience.  
  • Completing all the fields and adding details of your experience, will increase your opportunities of being contacted by a company. 
  • In order to appear in the searches, your profile must be complete. So make sure you are telling your story to hiring managers.

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